June 02, 2021

As a celebration of getting back to the pool, having fun and reconnecting with each other, Swim Ireland is working on running Regional Summer Swim Festivals in August.

Discussions are ongoing with the four regions to agree a format for Regional Summer Swim Festivals that will take place indoors in late July or early August.

This will be 8 to 11 weeks after clubs resume training and will be focused on participation for all and a first chance to catch up with old friends, or meet new athletes, coaches and parents from other clubs.

There will be no medals awarded and times recorded will not be used to select National or Regional Squads for the 2021-2022 season. Full details of how these squads will be selected and delivered will be published later in June.

The emphasis is solely on fun and everyone is encouraged to enjoy a return to racing and interacting with others from outside their own family and club.

We would appreciate your feedback on whether you would like to participate in these events and ask you to complete a short survey:

>> Are you interested in taking part in Summer Swim Festivals?