Return to Open Water

April 07, 2021

From April 12, people in the Republic of Ireland can travel anywhere in their county and 20km from their home, which means most will now have access to Open Water.

In Northern Ireland, people are still restricted to exercising no more than 10 miles from their home, but from April 12 clubs affiliated to Swim Ireland can train together in pods of no more than 15.

If you are in Northern Ireland and are not attending an official club session, you can only meet with one other household.

Clubs in the Republic of Ireland cannot train together, and must also stick to only meeting with one other household, outside.

The Northern Ireland Executive and Government of Ireland COVID-19 pages have the full details of what restrictions are in place from April 12, and below we have some top tips to take on if you are able to head back to Open Water swimming.

Return to Open Water Tips - April 2021

Re-acclimatise Slower

Remember your lack of swim fitness will make you tire and get cold a lot quicker than normal.

Apply Neoprene

Wetsuits, neoprene hats, gloves and socks will help keep you warm in and out of the water, reducing your risks and increasing enjoyment.

Think: Space

Try to choose a swimming spot and time that allows plenty of space for getting changed, so you can safely maintain social distance.

Always Bring Someone

Always tell someone where and when you are going swimming, and always bring someone to swim with you, or watch from shore.

Time - Not Distance

Always wear a watch in Open Water and start re-acclimatising with very short dips. Build up your time in the water very gradually

Keep Close To Shore

It's always safest (and more relaxing) to swim parallel to shore and where you can still stand up, but especially so during re-acclimatising.

Please download our social media infographic and share to spread these Open Water safety messages.

CLICK AND SAVE: Tips for Returning to Open Water - April 2021

We will be providing Clubs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with further guidance on returning to Open Water and Outdoor Training shortly.

These documents will be emailed to Clubs and published at COVID-19 - Return to Water.

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