July 02, 2020

Swim Ireland Education plans and aspirations for 2020 changed completely on 18th March when lockdown was announced, with the shut-down of life as we knew it.

Following the closure of swimming pools and leisure facilities across the island of Ireland, Swim Ireland faced a scenario that required a complete re-evaluation of the delivery of education and training across the organisation.

However, what we also didn’t know, was that as a result, the evolution of the Virtual Classroom, for the delivery of Courses, CPD and Webinars would revolutionise the adult learning sector within sport and subsequently bring to life a new and exciting learning experience for our partners and membership.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown and return to the water, the safe and effective delivery of learner centred education is at the forefront of our minds. In particular, the delivery of practical education and training, ensuring the highest standards are maintained across our industry and within our clubs.

With this in mind, Swim Ireland Education has produced the Return to Water Framework for Training Facilities, Educators, Tutors and Assessors, to support our partners and members. This document draws on principles found in the core Return to Water Frameworks;

Following the advice from the Irish Government and the Northern Ireland Executive, these documents will be updated to ensure you are provided with the most up to date guidance and protocols for the delivery of Swim Ireland Education.

Swim Ireland Education will support you on your journey of Returning to Water and Getting Ireland Swimming again.