Travelling abroad? Here’s the latest updates you need to know…

August 18, 2021

As restrictions have continued to ease over on the island of Ireland, many of you might be planning to travel overseas, so we have put together a few reminders to consider before returning to training.

1. Prior to travelling check for the most up to date guidance for the country you are travelling to:

Guidance from Republic of Ireland

Guidance from Northern Ireland

2. When you return home make sure you check for any self-isolation requirements prior to returning to training. This will vary depending on your vaccination status, COVID-19 testing, age and location of travel.

3. Declare any international travel to your club and provide them with the information they need to support your return to training.

4. If you feel unwell do not attend training, seek medical advice and let your club’s Lead COVID-19 Officer know as soon as possible.

5. If you do develop COVID-19, please follow the HSE or NHS guidance for treatment and self-isolation and support your club with contact tracing if necessary:

HSE guidance

NHS guidance

Got more COVID-19 queries?

Got more COVID-19 queries?

Head to our COVID-19 FAQ page, which we continually update to provide clubs with the most current guidelines for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.