August 27, 2020

Like swimmers everywhere, Shark Swimming Club members were shocked to find themselves stranded on ‘dry land’ in the middle of March this year!

Luckily, our very agile coaching team made sure that the club spirit stayed upbeat, with zoom calls for all our squads keeping that all-important social connection alive. We had an incredible number of members log on twice weekly, for workout and social sessions, and added online yoga as a third weekly activity for senior squads.

Being based in Galway, as soon as it felt safe, we started sea swimming for all squads. This weekly swim began in early July and has been an amazing experience, particularly for younger swimmers, who have had lots of encouragement and help getting used to a different style of swimming.

Seeing our Shark members turn up in Salthill on wet rainy evenings, to swim together, shows how important their club and swimming is for them. For our senior members, strength & conditioning land training sessions also resumed in July.

One of the highlights of the summer was the reinstatement of the Shark Prom Swim. Last run in 2012, it seemd obvious at this time for it to make a comeback, with so many now taking part in weekly se swimming sessions. We had 55 swimmers, aged 8 upwards, taking part in three races on Salthill Prom on Sunday, August 16

Cups, medals and awards were presented in open air afterwards, and a wonderful time was had by all, with everybody hoping that the Shark Prom Swim is back for good!

Behind the scenes the committee have been busy preparing everyone for return to water in the pool, and we have had enormous support from parents, with huge uptake on Swim Ireland COVID-19 Officer training. Many parents also took the opportunity to upskill, or take new training over the past few months, completing nutrition webinars, officials courses, team manager courses, safeguarding courses, and much more.

We can’t wait to get back in the pool, stronger than ever! Go Shark.

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