We had 116 days without swimming. . .

August 25, 2020

Our last training session took place on the 12th of March 2020. As the parents stood around that morning after training chatting about Covid-19, we knew our days standing around the pool chatting were limited. The schools were closed hours later and then Sliabh Beagh ASC called a halt to training, for what we all presumed was going to be just a matter of weeks.

We had 116 days without swimming.

We tried to keep the swimmers engaged as best we could. We had a lot of fun doing the ‘Fin Challenge’ with both our younger and older swimmers - who knew it would take 500 takes to get a decent video!

We asked our younger swimmers to write down what they missed most about swimming, and what they liked most about the club, and we shared those positive thoughts on our Facebook page.

The Committee kept busy behind the scenes, having weekly Zoom meetings, doing online courses and liaising with our pool, Coral Leisure, about how things would run, when we could train again. Our newly appointed Covid-19 Officer, Sylvia, was busy learning all the tasks she would need to do when training began. Other parents also trained up on the Covid-19 way of swimming.

While all this was going on, some of our swimmers were taking to the local lakes of Monaghan and giving open water swimming a go. All was taking shape.

We got the green light for training in the pool to resume in early July. We started with the Senior and Inter swimmers. Sylvia had her trusty thermometer, and we had all watched the online videos, so everyone knew the rules.

There was a great buzz to be back, a full house of swimmers all ready to get their feel for the water once more. Our Junior and Aquasprint Squads soon followed suit, and all is now running smoothly. It is funny how everything abnormal can become normal after a few sessions.

Plans are underway for a full resumption of club activities, all going well. We are delighted to be back, even if it is not at the same level of training as previously, just yet.

We are getting there!

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