August 04, 2022

As part of 2022 NGB Dormant Accounts Fund, Sport Ireland has provided a €2,000,000 ‘Sport for All’ Disability Supports Club Fund. The Scheme will be open to the affiliated clubs of Sport Ireland Recognised National Governing Bodies only.

This fund offers every club affiliated with Swim Ireland an opportunity to provide inclusive opportunities for participation for people with a disability. It will provide funding supports for clubs to connect in a meaningful way with their community, potentially even building the club’s own community over time through the inclusion of people with a disability in all club activities.

Sport for All Disability Supports Club Fund

This fund offers clubs an opportunity to initiate or build upon disability specific activities within their clubs. Clubs will apply directly to Swim Ireland for funding, and in turn Swim Ireland will submit an application to Sport Ireland, who make the final decision on funding.

A minimum application amount of €1,000 and maximum application amount of €5,000 is available for clubs to apply to Swim Ireland for the following:

  • Disability Supports Education & Training.
  • Disability Supports Programme Activation and Delivery.
  • Disability Supports Small Scale Equipment and Infrastructure.

Essential criteria for clubs applying for funding:

  • Club safeguarding statement in place.
  • Club Children’s Officer in place.
  • Coaches and volunteers meet Swim Ireland affiliation requirements

Assessment Criteria

When considering the provision of funding to Clubs, Swim Ireland will consider the following:

  • Technical merits of the Clubs application (quality, detail, sustainability etc.)
  • Size and strategic importance of the Club within the sport (membership numbers, area, facility sharing, existing diversity of activity & membership)
  • Existing Club engagement with the NGB
  • Level, scope, and track record of programme delivery by the Club
  • Existing Governance, Financial and Safeguarding model within the Club

Clubs can only apply directly to Swim Ireland for funding under this stream.

Sport Ireland will work to ensure that the investment is distributed fairly across the NGB sector.

Closing date for applications is Monday the 22nd of August 2022

Online application form

For more information, please contact Andrew O’Rourke –

Clubs should take note of the following:

  • A completed application form is not a guarantee of funding. All applications will be assessed by Swim Ireland~
  • The information supplied may be shared with Sport Ireland for verification purposes

  • Demand may very well exceed the available funds and clubs may therefore not be awarded the full amount requested

  • Only clubs who meet the affiliation which includes all safeguarding requirements (such as safeguarding, vetting, safeguarding statements etc.) and are currently affiliated to Swim Ireland will be eligible to receive funding through the Sport for All Disability Supports Club Fund

  • No Canvassing permitted. Clubs may contact their support officer for guidance on completing the form, any club found to be campaigning for funds will be automatically excluded

  • Clubs may be asked to submit additional information to support their application

  • Swim Ireland may change the funding application process or conditions at any stage should the requirements from Sport Ireland determine this

  • Only clubs based in the ROI may apply for funding under this fund