September 05, 2019

Swim Ireland are delighted to be named as one of 40 NGB’s selected to receive the latest round of Women in Sport Funding from Sport Ireland. This funding will aid in the progression of already existing WIS programmes within Swim Ireland, as well as enabling the introduction of new programmes. These programmes will form Swim Ireland’s new Women in Sport Strategy ‘Women and the Water’ (2019-2021) to be launched later this year.

The Swim Ireland Strategy aligns all our WIS programmes with the four pillars outlined by Sport Ireland in their WIS Policy – Coaching & Officiating, Active Participation, Leadership & Governance and Visibility.

Today Sport Ireland announced an investment of €3M with Swim Ireland to receive €75,000 per year in 2019 and 2020 under which the following programmes will be delivered:

1.       Coaching & Officiating

Continue our successful WIS Coaching & Mentoring Programme across disciplines into 2020. In Irish Aquatics, we have a much larger majority of male coaches compared to female, across all levels of qualifications. 


2.       Active Participation

Through our participation programmes, we will continue to bridge the gender gap in our sports. We will encourage females of all abilities, backgrounds and ethnicities to participate in swimming programmes such as the already established Swim For a Mile Challenge as well as introducing The Swimmin Women Programme; a beginners swimming programme aimed at women who cannot swim, to encourage them take up the sport. This programme will also work as a steppingstone event to Swim For a Mile. Swimmin Women will be piloted in selected Local Sports Partnerships this winter.


3.       Leadership & Governance

A Leadership Programme will roll out in 2020, providing opportunities for females aged 18+ to develop the skills necessary to take on roles in committees, officiating, team managing, coaching and PROs to become influencers at regional, national and international level.


4.       Visibility

Continue the growth of the #WePlay Inspiring Girls in Sport Conference. #WePlay puts female athletes, coaches and sporting experts to the forefront, providing a stage for prominent females who are making history in Irish Sport. Since its birth in 2017 the conference has grown in exposure and attendance. Topics cover nutrition, training, motivation, body image, life beyond the game and much more, inspiring this generation and the next.


Thank you as always to Sport Ireland and to Ministers Brendan Grifffin and Shane Ross for their support.