The announcement includes €1,559,500 for Swim Ireland

February 01, 2018

Sport Ireland has announced its investment package for National Governing Bodies for Sport and High Performance Programmes in 2018. The announcement was made by Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin TD, at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena today.

In total funding of €20.7m was announced which includes €10.8m to be invested in the core activity of National Governing Bodies for Sport (NGBs), €600k to Women in Sport programmes delivered by NGBs, €7m in NGB High Performance programmes. The Minister also announced €380k in targeted funding for High Performance projects which was allocated to five NGBs at the end of 2017 to assist with the preparation for key events in 2018.

Swim Ireland are delighted to have confirmed by Sport Ireland €827K in Core, €65K Women in Sport, €560K Performance and €107,500 in Dormant Account Funding.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Minister for Tourism & Sport, Brendan Griffin TD said: “I am pleased to announce the 2018 funding for National Governing Bodies of sport through Sport Ireland Core Grant Funding, the Sport Ireland Women in Sport programme 2018, and our High Performance programmes 2018. The valuable work of our national governing bodies in providing opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to get involved in sport cannot be underestimated. The funding announced today will support this vital work, as well as furthering Ireland’s ambitions at the highest level on the international stage. 2017 was a fantastic year for Irish teams and athletes and we look forward to that success continuing into 2018 with this funding enhancing our programmes and assisting our athletes to reach their potential."

Sport Ireland’s investment in high performance sports will support Irish athletes and teams in reaching finals and achieving medals at European, World, Olympic and Paralympic level, which will be accompanied by €1.9m in direct athlete investment which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Chairman of Sport Ireland, Kieran Mulvey, said: “From a High Performance perspective, 2017 was an excellent year for Irish sport with impressive European and World performances at senior and junior level. In order to sustain this success, it is vital that our National Governing Bodies and athletes are well supported. The Tokyo Games are just on the horizon with qualification getting underway. Sport Ireland will continue to work closely with the Olympic Council and Paralympics Ireland and continue to provide support as we build up to the 2020 Games.”

The Core Funding announced today will assist NGBs in increasing the numbers of both participants and volunteers across their sport, while also supporting coach development, the hosting of events, implementing strategic plans and the employment of professional staff.

John Treacy, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, commented: “Sport Ireland places National Governing Bodies at the very centre of our work. This investment through the Core Allocations increase the input of resources into National Governing Bodies’ operations and ongoing development and we have confidence that there will be a significant return on that investment, with more people being given the opportunity to take part in sport. The investment through the Women in Sport Programme will continue to assist National Governing Bodies in providing opportunities for women to get involved in physical activity and supports women’s roles within sporting organisations.”

Sport Ireland will continue to invest in the Women in Sport Programme, with 600k allocated to Women in Sport initiatives. The Women in Sport Programme was established with an aim to increase women's participation in sport, including non-participatory opportunities through volunteering and coaching with support through appropriate training and education and to improve access to sport and physical activity through provision of information and resources.

Sport Ireland secured additional funding at the end of 2017 to support the National Governing Bodies hosting or participating in strategically important events in 2018. This once-off funding provided by the Minister and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport will address significant financial obligations in 2018.

Events being supported include Ireland’s participation in the World Equestrian Games, the hosting of the World Amateur Team Golf Championships, Ireland men and women at the Hockey World Cups, the IPC European Para Swimming Championships which will be hosted in the National Aquatic Centre and the Special Olympics Ireland Games.

The funding announced today is part of Sport Ireland’s overall investment in Irish Sport, with National Governing Bodies benefitting from a range of supports including organisation capacity building services through its Organisational Development and Change unit, with supports in the areas of anti-doping and Code of Ethics also availed of by funded organisations.

NGBs have been provided with the opportunity to avail of funding through the Dormant Accounts Fund, the most recent round of which was announced in November 2017. Sport Ireland welcomes the interest of other Government agencies and departments in the physical activity agenda, which has facilitated cross collaboration between NGBs and the Local Sports Partnership Network to maximise the opportunities for people to engage in sport.

Sport Ireland also confirmed that in 2018 the International Carding Scheme is tracking for €1.9 million. Athletes who will be in receipt of Carding for 2018 will be announced in the coming weeks.