October 26, 2018

Swim Ireland this week announce two new members to our Performance swimming and diving team in preparation for the 2019 World Championships in Korea and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. With National Performance Services Manager John Watson relocating to London to move out of the performance sport arena, National Performance Director Jon Rudd has this week announced that the duo of Paul Talty and Dr Cormac Powell will take over Watson’s responsibilities in what he describes as a “natural evolvement from where we are to where we want to be”. 

Both Talty and Powell will undertake the role of ‘Associate Head of Performance Services’, with Talty having responsibility for ‘Physical’ sciences and Powell for ‘Applied’ sciences, both start work at the beginning of November.


Paul Talty is a former swimmer from County Clare with a BSc in Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick and an MSc in Sport & Health Sciences from the University of Exeter. His most recent role has been that of  Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Sport Northern Ireland Sports Institute, a position from which he has been able to work with the Swim Ireland Performance Programme on a number of occasions, including working with the lauded Northern Ireland swimming team into the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.


Dr Cormac Powell has worked with the National Centre (Limerick) as a coach and sports scientist for a number of years, bringing a PhD in Physical Activity & Cardiometabolic Health and a BSc in Sport & Exercise Sciences to the role, both via the University of Limerick. Powell’s extensive knowledge as a highly regarded physiologist will bring an extra dimension to his role, with both he and Talty having responsibilities to the National Centre, National Squad and National Team programmes.


Swim Ireland also bring National Diving Coach Damian Ball into a full time role with the Performance programme in the same month. In recent years, Ball position has been enabled as a partnership between the Swim Ireland programme and the diving programme under the auspices of the National Aquatic Centre. A newly launched Performance Plan for Diving has facilitated Ball to come fully under the Swim Ireland and National Centre (Dublin) umbrella from November thanks to the support of Sport Ireland and the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.


National Performance Director Jon Rudd said, “We’re obviously sorry to see John go but he’s looking for a different kind of life and we have to respect that. His decision actually created an opportunity for us and to be able to bring in the expertise of both Paul and Cormac is excellent for us and the athletes in our care. At the same time, to have Damian on board with us full time will make a huge difference to our National diving programme and our National Centre (Dublin) based athletes.”