September 12, 2019

Swim Ireland Performance are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership with RYPT (Reach Your Peak Trainer), who will sit as the exclusive provider of strength and conditioning programming software to support Ireland’s performance athletes over the 2019-2020 season.

In an increasingly technologically driven sport, working with RYPT will allow us to gather and analyse information at the touch of a button, giving home programme coaches in-depth, real-time feedback on an athlete’s progress in the gym. The app will allow an athlete’s engagement with their dry-land preparation to new levels of accessibility, something which has previously not been achieved at this level.

Paul Talty, Swim Ireland’s Associate Head of Performance Services (Physical) said, “In a key year for Irish athletes, this partnership with RYPT will bring another level of sophistication and efficiency to the planning and execution of our strength and conditioning programme. We are delighted to be able to work with an up and coming Irish company who have been innovative in delivering a product that will benefit both coach and athlete from casual user to elite performer.”

Cormac O’Beirne, CEO and co-founder of RYPT added, “We are delighted that Swim Ireland Performance have chosen RYPT to help streamline their coaching processes and gain greater insights that can help them optimise athlete performance as they build towards next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. Paul and the Performance team are extremely forward-thinking when it comes to adopting technologies that can help give their athletes the edge and we are really excited to partner with such a progressive organization”

RYPT is helping coaches from multiple organisations across a variety of sports including GAA, Rugby, Basketball, along with an increasing number of gyms, corporate wellness providers and online trainers to streamline their programming processes, improve performance and get better results for their clients / athletes.


About RYPT

RYPT are dedicated to making the delivery of personalised fitness programs, and the gathering of exercise and well-being data frictionless, so that coaches have the insights they need to optimize the performance of each individual.

RYPT’s platform for performance coaches and organisations provides them with a digital channel to connect with their clients/athletes. With bespoke tools to build, and deliver personalised fitness programs and monitor their client’s/athlete’s progress and well-being, RYPT gives them the insights they need to optimise performance and improve results.

Through the digitisation of processes and centralization of client / athlete data, RYPT helps save time, while providing data-driven insights into an individual's response to the stresses of their training and other lifestyle factors. This enables coaches to optimize the individual’s training programme and balance their training load and recovery - preventing burnout and injury, whilst improving performance.