November 26, 2020

Swim Ireland has today rubber-stamped its ongoing commitment to listening to the needs of people with disabilities by signing the Cara Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

Our aquatic sports, and particularly swimming, are naturally among the most inclusive sports and pastimes available, due to the low-impact of exercising in water and the safe, controlled environments presented by swimming pools.

By signing the Cara Sport Inclusion Disability Charter, we confirm that we will:

Be open to and understanding of all people with disabilities

Access training for our staff/volunteers to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities

Develop and deliver inclusive activities

Review our facility/venues/equipment to make our organisation more accessible

Promote the inclusive nature of our activities, in a variety of formats

These commitments cover the five key areas people with disabilities are asking all organisations to consider, to help make active and healthy lifestyles possible for them.

Cara developed the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter, and identified these five areas, by engaging with 140 people across 22 counties, who were both active and inactive, and asked about their experiences, challenges and needs, in relation to their participation in sport and physical activity.

Cara wanted to truly understand what it is like for a person with a disability to be active in Ireland, and the result is not only the charter, but also the I'm In Too movement, whose ambassadors tell some eye-opening stories. Watch them here.

To find out more about the Cara Sport Inclusion Disability Charity, and the I'm In Too movement, click the link below.

We're In Too