October 27, 2021

Swim Ireland's brand new Super Series begins at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin on Friday, October 29, with a select group of swimmers going head-to-head in the inaugural meet of this new competition.

The Swim Ireland Super Series is a Grand Prix-style event, taking place across four half-day meets, two short course (25m pool) and two long course (50m pool), with each round (two meets) covering the full Olympic Programme, plus 50m form strokes, and in the case of the short course round, the 100m Individual Medley.

One meet will be held in each Region and entries will be limited to a maximum of two heats in the 50m to 400m events and one heat in the 800/1500m events, keeping the meet to a maximum of 2 hours.

All events will be Heat Declared Winner and at the end of the series FINA points will be used to rank athletes according to their combined best points scored in each round, in each of the following categories - and the top three scorers in each category will win prize money:

  1. Form - Best 3 FINA points scores from 50-100-200 Fly, Back or Breast (across both rounds)
  2. Medley - Best 3 FINA points scores from 200 IM, 400 IM and one additional event (across both rounds)
  3. Freestyle - Best 3 FINA points scores from 50m to 1500m Freestyle (across both rounds)
  4. Overall – Best 3 FINA points scores from any Olympic event (male or female) (across both rounds)

For Meet 1 entries have been limited to those athletes on the National Programme and those based Full Time in National Centres.

This is the first meet and we have very limited pool time as it is being run during the last session of the National Programme camp on Friday evening.

The only cohort definitely invited to compete in all four meets are those on the National Programme and we may look to publish consideration standards for Meets 2 through 4 so that athletes outside of the National Programme can target these events.

You can find out more about Swim Ireland's new pool swimming Competition Calendar.