July 17, 2020

Swim Ireland have taken immediate action to support the aquatics industry after receiving a high volume of communication from individuals and Swim Schools following notification that their insurance will no longer be valid through other organisations following Brexit.

The Swim Ireland Education Department and Membership Department have engaged with insurers to facilitate the offer of insurance for all individuals across the Republic of Ireland. This will cater for any individual operating within the aquatics industry - regardless of qualification.

With pools reopening and swim schools returning, Swim Ireland feel it is important to continue to support the Teaching workforce and the wider Aquatics Industry across Ireland in the Return to Water.

We recognise that there are a number of qualifications that teachers may already hold, therefore we are pleased to announce that we are waiving the fee for equivalency for any individual holding an STA or an Irish Water Safety qualification when taking out insurance with us until the 31st August 2020. For further information specific to your qualifications, please click here.

In addition, if you are taking out insurance with Swim Ireland and require Recognition of Prior Learning to do so, you will receive a 50% discount to go through this process.

Swim Ireland recognise that some teachers may have already gone through the equivalency process during lockdown, we will therefore offer those teachers who have gone through this equivalency process since 18th March 2020, a credit note for the total cost of your equivalency. If this applies to you please contact education@swimireland.ie.

Please note – All Aquatic professionals seeking insurance through Swim Ireland must hold a valid safeguarding certificate and will need to complete the relevant vetting - both of which can be completed online and through our Virtual Classroom. Please see links below to register for an up-coming course.

Associate Membership Requirements for Swim Ireland Insurance

If you do not hold a Swim Ireland Teacher/Coach Qualification you will need to go through a Recognition of Prior Learning process or alternatively an Equivalency Process.

The first step in this process is to create a profile on the Swim Ireland Membership Database and follow the instructions in the FAQ document attached in order to upload your relevant qualification certificates.

In light of recent events the Swim Ireland Education Team are allowing people to go through the Equivalency Process free of charge until 31st August 2020 - if they are taking out insurance.

In addition, Swim Ireland are offering a 50% discount to go through Recognition of Prior Learning. You are not eligible for either discount unless you are taking out insurance.

Please note: Equivalency or Recognition of Prior Learning will be revoked if individuals do not complete the Swim Ireland insurance process for a minimum of one year.

For further information on Equivalency and Recognition of Prior Learning, please email education@swimireland.ie

All other insurance queries can be directed to sarahkelly@swimireland.ie

​Safeguarding Level 1 (Republic of Ireland)

​Safeguarding Level 1 (Republic of Ireland)

27th July (13.00-16.00)

11th August (10.00-13.00)

22nd August (10.00-13.00)

27th August (18.00-21.00)

For further information on the Swim Ireland vetting process, click here.