Now applies to swimmers aged 12 or younger

November 12, 2020

As part of Swim Ireland’s continued commitment to supporting swimmers of all ages, a new policy regarding the use of Tech Suits for young swimmers was announced in March 2020 to come into effect on September 1, 2020.

Recognising that 13-year-olds regularly compete with 14-year-olds, the cut off age for this policy has been reduced to 12, so this policy will now apply to swimmers aged 12 or younger (age as that prescribed by the meet entry conditions).

Why prohibit Tech Suits for young swimmers?

Swim Ireland's Tech Suit policy has been developed after consultation with clubs and coaches and centres around several key rationales, as outlined below:

1. Effective stroke technique and high skill levels are a much more important component for swimming fast, and athletes should be encouraged to improve their body position, streamlining, underwater kick speed and technique at a young age in order to continue their progression in later years - as opposed to relying on tech suits

2. The focus for young age group athletes should be less on results and more on developing a love for the sport

3. Children should feel and understand that it is their training, commitment and application to the sport that makes a difference when they compete, not the competition suit that they wear

4. Tech suits are very expensive. We want our sport to be inclusive and not exclusive

The document attached HERE provides full details of Swim Ireland's Tech Suit policy and explains in greater detail the rationale behind this decision, the definition of a ‘Tech Suit’ and how the ruling will be implemented from September 1, 2020.

The policy has been introduced to create a cultural shift in our sport to remove the focus on age group success.

The policy should be included within all meet conditions and it is the responsibility of Regions, Clubs and Coaches to educate athletes and parents on the spirit of the policy.

If you have any queries regarding the policy, please contact Andrew Reid (National Performance Pathway Manager) –

What can under 13s wear?

What can under 13s wear?

Click the link for a visual guide as to what a tech suit is defined as, and what those aged 12 or younger can wear in Swim Ireland licensed/sanctioned events from September 1, 2020.

Tech Suit Examples