‘Together for a better internet’

February 01, 2021

On Safer Internet Day last year, there was concern with how much time young people were spending online, now it is a necessary part of their lives.

The theme for this year's Safer Internet Day is ‘Together for a better internet’, and we feel it's a great opportunity for everyone to remind themselves how to be safe, whilst on the many apps and platforms we have to use at the moment.

For young people it is really important to help them with the correct privacy settings, and for younger ones, parents/carers should be looking at setting parental controls.

Please don’t forget the face-to-face stuff though, checking in with how they are, sharing the ‘I agree, it’s tough at the moment’ message and getting out (within whatever restrictions you are under) for regular exercise.

#SaferInternetDay top tips for Clubs:

Make sure young people are aware of what is appropriate use of images: avoid camera phones in changing rooms, taking images during online training sessions and making comments about other club members

#SaferInternetDay top tips for CCOs:

Check in with young people to see if they are okay, and aware of the security settings on the apps used by your club

#SaferInternetDay top tips for Coaches:

Are you that one good adult young people will turn to for help? Check out our One Good Coach workshop for guidance and help young people navigate the internet more safely.

#SaferInternetDay top tips for Parents:

Make sure your children only access age appropriate information. Concentrate on what will motivate and encourage them in their sport; talk to their coach if in doubt.

Link to all Safer Internet Day resources here (ROI) and here (UK&NI)