August 01, 2021

Swim Ireland is now taking applications from aquatic professionals who would like to progress their involvement in the sport by training the next generation of coaches, teachers and club volunteers.

Fully-trained Swim Ireland Tutors can choose what courses and CPD they are interested in delivering, based on their interests and specialities.

They can deliver online and locally to them, and decide how much or how little they want to take on each year.

Swim Ireland would like to ensure that all those wishing to take part are 100% sure that this programme is right for them.

We will work to support you through the programme as much as possible and encourage you to be in touch with the Education Department if you have any further questions.

The Tutor Training Programme is highly competitive, and we have had significant interest registered with the Education Department over the last 12 months. The maximum number of candidates for the Tutor Training Programme is 12, working with two full-time Principal Tutors.

Swim Ireland staff and other selected Swim Ireland Tutors will also be involved in the delivery of this course. The course will be delivered virtually via Soom with an expectation for Trainee Tutors to attach to a Virtual Classroom course for final sign off.

You can find out more information via the link below. Applications will close on August 19

Train to train the next generation of Teachers & Coaches

Train to train the next generation of Teachers & Coaches

Become a Swim Ireland Tutor via our Tutor Training Programme. Apply via the link below.

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