April 11, 2022

This past weekend, Swim Ireland was delighted to welcome a delegation from FINA and LEN including FINA President - Captain Husain Al Musallam, LEN President António Silva, LEN Vice-President Josip Varvodic and Team USA swimmer and FINA Ambassador Anthony Ervin.

As well as Swim Ireland Officials, athletes Shane Ryan and Clare Cryan gave an athletes voice and we were joined by Minister of State for Sport and the Gaeltacht Jack Chambers TD and Director of High Performance and National Governing Bodies at Sport Ireland Paul McDermott.

Swim Ireland Officials included Swim Ireland CEO Sarah Keane, President Kevin Dowling, Chairman Peter Conway, Board director and member of the LEN Technical Swimming Committee Gary Stoops, Performance Director Jon Rudd, Director of Operations Mary McMorrow, Head of Clubs and Community Adam Cox and Head of Communications Trish Mayon.

Swim Ireland shared our plans, goals and ambitions including the potential for hosting an event, our aim to reach a wider population through the pop-up pool, our high performance goals, potential programme and education supports and how to further develop water polo.

We also heard some FINA and LEN plans for the next few years and discussed important matters in relation to the aquatic family across the World.

We would like to thank FINA and LEN for visiting and look forward to working towards a better future for all aquatics.