Swimming relaxes. Swimming exercises. Swimming teaches.

October 09, 2017

Ann-Marie Walker doesn’t just like swimming, she lives and breathes it. “If you cut me in half, it would say ‘swimming’ on the inside.”

Ann-Marie became obsessed with swimming, devoting all her time to teaching others how to swim. “I used to teach during the day, and volunteer four nights a week. I’d collect my kids from school, and we’d all go back to the pool – the four of them would eat their dinner in the back of the car.”

She takes the role of swim teacher very seriously, and is committed to her students mastering the basics before progressing any further. “I’m all about technique. It doesn’t matter what they do on top of the water. It’s what goes on under the water that counts.”

This dedication makes it hard to switch off the swim teacher-part of her brain: “I can’t look at a swimmer without thinking about their swimming. I would never say it, but I’d make a mental comment about their stroke in my head.”

Ann-Marie is a tireless advocate for the importance of swimming, and believes that learning to swim is vital to leading a full life. “Look at all the things you can’t do if you can’t swim. People that do lifesaving are learning a basic skill. Hopefully they’ll know what to do when they’re older and one of their friends falls into the water.”

Me and the Water

Anne-Marie Walker, Swim Teacher