Here's why you should......

November 11, 2021

Just about now clubs will be completing the on-line Club Audit – and if you have attended the Safeguarding Audit Workshops the discussion about a second (or more!) Club Children's Officer (CCO) will come up for discussion.

Here are some important considerations why a Club should be appointing a second CCO:

  • Being a parent/carer: CCOs are generally parents of children in the Club; being a parent for their child is a priority. If a CCO's child is involved in something the CCO must be their parent/carer, not a CCO. This may leave a club vulnerable if there is no other support for young people. The bigger the club the more likely there is to be another matter that requires a CCO
  • Shared responsibility: The responsibility of being a CCO is big, and this is easier shared with another CCO. Being able to share and collaborative on issues is very valuable, and if the only voice in the Club speaking out in support of young people it can be a daunting place to be
  • Succession planning: A second CCO provides for some succession planning for when a Lead CCO needs to come off a Committee
  • Mixed genders: Having CCOs of mixed genders allows young people a choice of who to approach; some people (adults and children) are more comfortable speaking with one gender or another
  • Provides choice: It is human nature not to like some other people, either the person, someone connected with them or possibly their child; this is a fact, not an issue! Having more than one CCO provides a choice of CCOs to approach or talk with.
  • Time sharing: Can divide the work between them, especially visiting or working with squads can be extremely time consuming