February 02, 2021

The Clubs and Community team have now published a suite of virtual workshops for club volunteers.

These workshops began life as part of our annual Club Days, and have been developed over the course of five years. In 2020, the team began delivering some of these as webinars on a monthly basis, and now they are available to be delivered virtually in clubs.

Virtual Club Support Workshops:

  1. Annual Planning
  2. Clubmark
  3. Club Funding (Grants & Fundraising)
  4. Recruiting Volunteers
  5. Succession Planning
  6. Managing Conflict
  7. Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Coach and Committee Agreement

Delivering directly to a club committee means that the Club Support Officers can adapt and tailor the workshop to meet you club's specific needs and provides an opportunity to ask questions relevant to your own environment.

Don’t forget, you can also access our online modules to complete at any time. Each module also includes a range of resources.

Online modules:

  1. Effective Committees
  2. Effective Meetings
  3. Club Development Planning
  4. Managing Club Finances
  5. Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures (coming end of February)
  6. Club AGM (coming end of March)

To book a virtual club support workshop contact your Club Support Officer directly.