Nominations Committee Appointment

January 27, 2022

The Swim Ireland Constitution specifies that a Nominations Committee be convened to identify candidates for the Board of Directors in respect of the roles of Chairperson and Independent Directors.

The Terms of Office of the current Chairperson, Peter Conway and Independent Directors, Katie Sadleir and Aidan McLaughlin are due to expire at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 28 April 2022. Accordingly, a Nominations Committee shall now be appointed.

The Constitution specifies that the Nominations Committee shall be composed of three (3) persons, as follows:

  1. A present or a past-director of the Company.
  2. One person nominated from among the membership who shall be a member of the Company.
  3. One person appointed by the Board who shall be independent of the Company; and

The Board is therefore seeking nominations from among the membership in respect of category (b) to serve on the Committee. Terms of Reference for Nominations Committee.

To be eligible to serve on the Committee, individuals must be members of a Swim Ireland Club and be nominated by their own club and one other from within their Region.

Nominations to be sent email to: Mary McMorrow, . The deadline for receipt of applications is: 5.00pm Friday 4 February 2022. Please note also: No serving member of the Nominations Committee shall be eligible to be nominated for the role. If there are no nominations received, the Board of Swim Ireland shall be entitled to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. If there is more than one nomination, an electronic vote will be taken.