Check out the supports available

January 26, 2022

Did you know we have a wide range of supports available for club children's officers, parent, coaches and young people in our junior clubs?

From monthly CCO Forums to Coach CPD's and Aquatic Parents Programme to Club Youth Awards, we have something for everyone.

For more information contact Kate Hills

Aquatic Parent Programme (APP) - full programme to be released April/May 2022

Cost to club - €100


For all parents of aquatic athletes to help understanding of the importance of the parent role in their child’s sport.

  • Access to four online modules (safe clubs; role of an aquatic parent, parent pathway, understanding the athlete pathway)
  • Facilitator delivery of two of the following modules:
  • Introduction (includes one of the above modules delivered in person)
  • Competitions Communications

Emotional Resilience & Leadership Programme (ER&LP)

Cost to club - €200


Explaining and helping young people and their coaches to understand and cope with emotions and developing coping mechanisms to help yourself.

Programme provides:

  • Six sessions per age group
  • Four age groups from 11 year to 17+

Tutor to deliver introduction and support club throughout programme roll out over 6 weeks Tutor to deliver round up/final session

Club Youth Awards

Cost to club - FREE


A way of rewarding young people for their achievements outside competition.

Certificate and Badge for each participant achieving one of the following awards:

  • Helping
  • Effort
  • Teamwork Being a Role Model

CCO Forums

Cost to club - FREE


Monthly one-hour workshops for all CCOs. These sessions provide network opportunities for CCOs to upskill and share experiences and ideas.

Junior Aquatic Leader (JAL) - under development (due July 2022)

Cost to club - Pilot 2022 is Free, 2023 - €20


Development of Aquatic leaders aged 11 – 15 years (programme under development currently)

Senior Aquatic Leader (SAL) - under development (due July 2022)

Cost to club - Pilot 2022 is Free (see NB), 2023 - €50


Development of Aquatic leaders aged 15+ (programme under development currently) NB There will be additional costs for each attendee for their chosen qualification (this will be subsidised in the first year)

Mental Health & Well-Being series

Cost to club - FREE


Series of workshops to provide a basic understanding of mental health and well-being.

Series of 4 x 30minute sessions for members age 12+:

  • Introduction to MH&WB
  • Triggers and Coping
  • Focus on Control How help others

One Good Coach

Cost to club - FREE


Online workshop for Coaches/Teachers and others involved with young people about understanding the role of being One Good Adult in young people’s lives