Bringing community together for a weekly dip, in a relaxed, social and safe environment

Swim Ireland's Weekly Dippers meet once a week all over Ireland for a dip under the watchful eye of a Swim Ireland Coach.

Dippers can join the session at any stage during the hour, and after each session our coach will join the Dippers for refreshments to answer any questions.

It's open to all ages and abilities and is free of charge.

There is no pre-registration. Just rock up on the right day and at the right time and look for our attending coach.

Who is Weekly Dippers for?

Weekly Dippers is aimed at those looking to join a regular dipping group in their area.

If you're new to dipping and want some company and confidence, Weekly Dippers is for you. But it's also for anyone who wants to make new swim friends and get some regular advice from our Swim Ireland Coach.

What happens at Weekly Dippers?

The attending coach will arrive in good time before the scheduled start time of the hour Weekly Dippers session.

As you arrive, you will be greeted by your attending coach, who will give you an update on conditions and answer any questions you have about today's dip.

Then you're free to get in for your dip, and get out whenever you please.

It's good practice to buddy up with someone in open water, even if you are only dipping, so bring a friend, or ask one of your fellow Weekly Dippers.

Your coach can help you buddy up too!

What do I need to bring?

Weekly Dippers is about getting in and enjoying the water with others.

We recommend you always bring the following:

  • Bright pink, yellow, orange or green silicone swimming hat
  • Tow-float
  • Goggles suitable for open water
  • Woolly hat, gloves and extra body layers for afterwards
  • A hot drink or soup in a flask and some energy-rich snacks
  • A friend - or two.
  • Questions for our coach!

Where do I sign up?

No pre-registration is needed for Weekly Dippers. Just head to your Weekly Dippers location on the set day at the right time and check-in with our attending coach when you arrive.

Our Weekly Dippers calendar is below, so you can see all the sessions available to attend.

Find your tribe
Find your tribe