A targeted National Programme is a key tactic in achieving the Performance objectives for 2022 and through to 2028. The Regional Programme sits directly below the National Programme and is fully aligned to the National Programme in terms of principles and content.

Athletes are selected to join the National Programme from September to April based on their results in the previous season as outlined in the programme document.

The 2022/2023 programme and selection criteria are available below

National Programme 2022/2023 (updated 12/07/2022)

The 2023/2024 programme and selection criteria are available below

National Programme 2023/2024

For the National Programme, it is recognised that:

  • Athletes should be ‘On Track’ in regards to either the 2024 or the 2028 Olympic Games and should be differentiated as such
  • Particular athletes will be identified for targeted investment, support, and value-add opportunities dependent on their ‘On Track’ status and the ‘fit-for-purpose’ nature of their Daily Performance Environments (DPE’s)
  • All National Programme members must be fully committed to an uncompromised and comprehensive training/coaching programme in preparation for peak performance in the relevant annual Swim Ireland international benchmark competition and the Trials for that event

National Squad Contacts

Dr Jon Rudd

Dr Jon Rudd

National Performance Director

+353 86 780 8734

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

National Performance Pathway Manager

+353 86 467 8125

Niamh McDonnell

Niamh McDonnell

Performance Manager

+353 86 775 0775