Update to Covid-19 Vetting Procedures - Important

The vetting process is under review at the moment. We will shortly be launching the facility for you to complete applications forms through your Swim Ireland profile on the database system. This will be a welcome addition to the efficiency of our vetting process.

All NVB original signed applications with accompanying copies of ID documents, email ID verification (if Section 2 not signed) and parental consent (if required) must now be sent to:

Swim Ireland
PO Box 13322
Co Mayo

As such, and in preparation for our new vetting process we have made some changes to the current procedures to ensure an understanding of and effective verification of individuals being vetted.

This change is immediate for National Vetting Bureau applications (8th February 2021). Please read the following instructions carefully and completely:

1. Complete your E-Vet application form with the requested details – these must be COMPLETELY, CORRECTLY and CLEARLY filled in. The E-Vet application form must be signed by you. Please read the instructions before completing the form

2. Validate your ID – this is the immediate change required.
The person providing ID verification cannot be the applicant or related to the applicant and must be one of the following:
For Club applicants: Club Committee Member, Membership or Compliance Officer, Club Children’s Officer, Guard, Solicitor
For other applicants: Guard, Solicitor, Swim Ireland appointed Tutor, Facility Manager (must provide contact details)
Validation of ID is a legal requirement, and this must be completed before an application is accepted for processing.

You can now carry out one of two validation methods:

A) FACE TO FACE MEETING (only allowable where this is within government recommendations)
Validate your ID face to face, being aware of ALL social distancing requirements. You must show your original ID documents and the copies to be included with your application. The person must then complete the validation ID on the application form (Section 2 for NVB applications)

Validate your ID via virtual face to face meeting.
You must show your original ID documents and the copies to be included with your application. The person must provide you with the email declaration detailed below, following seeing you and your documentation.

I declare I have virtually seen the applicant detailed in the accompanying E-Vet Application Form and can confirm the following:
• I verify the details in Section 1 match the original identification documents shown to me
• I confirm copies of the original identification documents shown to me will be attached to the E-Vet Application Form
• I confirm the Parent Consent Form will be attached (if applicant is 16 or 17 years old)
Details of person providing ID check:
Name and date as per email
Phone number:

3. Send your original application form. Your original application form (with the ID validation section completed OR the email ID validation declaration included) together with the copies of your ID must be sent to the address on the E-Vet Application form. The vetting process will not start until this is received.

If you have any queries, please email vetting@swimireland.ie

Please note the ANI application process will be changing by the end of February, in line with the above. Details will be published next week.

Vetting Process

Vetting Process

Vetting checks are required every three years for any adult and young people aged 16/17 years working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. Vetting checks will be carried out by Swim Ireland and Swim Ulster. For those resident or working in Ireland this is done through the National Vetting Bureau (NVB). For those resident or working in Northern Ireland this is done through Access NI (ANI).

The National Vetting Bureau and Access NI applications are processed through an online system. There are differences in each system, and both require a paper form to validate your identification. This is a legal requirement. Parent/Guardian consent is required for applicants aged 16 or 17 years old.

The application forms also contain instructions for completion so read through carefully before applying to make sure you have all the correct information to hand and know the process before you proceed. Please also read the Swim Ireland Vetting Policy for more information or if your question is not answered.

NB: You must legally have a valid vetting credential to act in any role working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. It is each individual’s responsibility to maintain their vetting credential; you will receive a reminder that your credential is expiring – you should act without delay.

Application Forms

Any incorrect forms or applications not meeting the requirements will be rejected and the paperwork returned to the applicant, if relevant. Both processes have legal requirements and these must be met by Swim Ireland.

Application forms for Ireland

E-Vet ID Form Feb 2021

E-Vet ID Form Instructions (Feb 2021)

Parent Guardian Consent Form

Application forms for Northern Ireland

ANI Declaration & Application & Instructions (Nov 2020)

Parent Guardian Consent Form

Please note if you are working in both jurisdictions you will need to undertake both processes.

Access NI applicants can request the Access NI Code of Practice Access NI and Garda Vetting applicants should be aware that a criminal conviction does not automatically bar an applicant from obtaining a position – all decisions are based on the Swim Ireland Vetting Policy.

If you have any questions on the vetting process or requirements please contact either Kate (katehills@swimireland.ie) or Ruth (ruth@swimulster.net)