Vetting Process

Vetting Process

Vetting checks are required for any adult and young people aged 16/17 years working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. Vetting checks will be carried out by Swim Ireland and Swim Ulster.  For those resident or working in Ireland this is done through the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).  For those resident or working in Northern Ireland this is done through Access NI (ANI).

The Swim Ireland Vetting Policy (December 2018) is the latest update to incorporate any changes and updates in vetting procedures.  The National Vetting Bureau (see process flow chart) and Access NI applications are processed through an online system.  There are differences in each system and both require a paper form to validate your identification.  This is a legal requirement.  Parent/Guardian consent is required for applicants aged 16 or 17 years old.   

The application forms also contain instructions for completion so read through carefully before applying to make sure you have all the correct information to hand and know the process before you proceed.  

Application Forms

Any incorrect forms or applications not meeting the requirements will be rejected and the paperwork returned to the applicant, if relevant. Both processes have legal requirements and these must be met by Swim Ireland.

Application forms for Ireland  

E Vet Id Form & Instructions (Nov 2019)

Parent Guardian Consent Form

Application forms for Northern Ireland  

ANI Application Id Form & Instructions (Jan 2019)

Parent Guardian Consent Form

Please note if you are working in both jurisdictions you will need to undertake both processes.

Access NI applicants can request the Access NI Code of Practice Access NI and Garda Vetting applicants should be aware that a criminal conviction does not automatically bar an applicant from obtaining a position – all decisions are based on the Swim Ireland Vetting Policy. 

If you have any questions on the vetting process or requirements please contact either Amanda ( or Ruth (