Open Water swimming caters for all ages and abilities of swimmer. We have seen swimmers as young as 10 take part in our 'Splash & Dash' events, and other swimmers in their 70s or 80s competing in open water races around the country.

Swim Ireland works with Sport Ireland's Local Sports Partnerships, our own swimming and water polo clubs, Swim for a Mile, and other organisations, like Leinster Open Sea, to provide Open Water swimming lessons, fun events, and competitive races for all ages and abilities throughout the summer months.

Our Open Water races are open to all Swim Ireland Club members with a select number also open to those with Swim Ireland Special Membership.

A list of races available to those with Swim Ireland Special Membership is usually made available in April/May each year.

Open Water Swimming Safety Tips

Open Water Swimming Safety Tips

✔️ Understand effect of weather & tides

✔️ Know the signs of hypothermia

✔️ Bring someone with you

✔️ Get in slowly to avoid cold water shock

✔️ Wear a watch to monitor time in water

✔️ Swim parallel to shore

✔️ Bring extra layers for after ☕️ and a hot drink, or soup.

Always respect the Open Water, know your own limits and listen to advice from officials regarding weather and water conditions.

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Winter Dipping Tips
Winter Dipping Tips

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