Swim Ireland's Special Membership category gives you the opportunity to take part in events otherwise confined to Swim Ireland members. Check out some of the options below.

To become a Special Member please CLICK HERE to go to the Swim Ireland Membership Database.

We are continually working with event and race organisers to enhance the offerings available to our Special Membership holders, as well as working closely with Triathlon Ireland to offer joint membership with both organisations for a reduced fee.

Please note that the joint membership of Triathlon Ireland and Swim Ireland is processed by Triathlon Ireland.

Once Triathlon Ireland have processed the membership they provide Swim Ireland with a list of members. Once members are added to our database, they will receive an email confirming their membership.

Open Water Events

Swim Ireland and Leinster Open Sea work in partnership to provide a league of handicapped open water races each summer. This is a great opportunity for swimmers to take part in some exciting races and enjoy what the Leinster coastline has to offer.

This unique series operates with men and women swimming in separate races, and the slower swimmers getting a head-start.

Open water races in Ireland are also on offer in Connacht, Munster and Ulster, and a list of races available to Special Members will be made available each year (usually in April/May).

Masters Swimming Galas

Many Masters swimming clubs have made their galas open to Special Members, with the exception of the National short course and long course gala. For full gala details please go to the Masters page.

FAQ - Special Membership

What does a Special Membership cost?

The price for a Special Membership is €25.

Who needs special membership?

Any individual wishing to compete in a Swim Ireland-sanctioned event who is not a Club Member of Swim Ireland will need to become a Special Member.

What do I get?

Special membership gives the individual the following:

  • Annual membership to participate in a variety of SI races/galas
  • Swim Ireland Insurance when competing in SI sanctioned events
How do I become a member?

To sign up for Special Membership CLICK HERE to go to the Swim Ireland Membership Database

If you are not already registered on the Membership Database you will need to create a new profile. Once you are logged into your profile please click on the “Membership” tab in the top left hand corner of the screen to purchase Special Membership.

Once you have made payment, your membership card can be downloaded from your profile on the database. On race day, at registration you will be required to produce a printed membership card with valid ID to take part in any event.

What events can I compete in?

Swim Ireland has been working with race organisers to give members a variety of events to take part in. The list will be posted above nearer to the start of the open water season.

When does the Special Membership run from?

The Swim Ireland Special Membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Therefore, regardless of when you purchase your membership, your membership will be valid until December 31st of the year in which you make the purchase.