Trainability Coaching Programme for Part-Time National Centre (Dublin) Athletes

Please note that due to COVID19 restrictions, the programmes below are not currently taking place

The Trainability Coaching Programme for part-time National Centre (Dublin) athletes is positioned for competitive swimmers aged 11 - 16 years (age as of 31/12/20) who were NOT selected to be a member of the National Squad extant at the time of application. Such athletes would normally require one or more of the following:

  • Additional training/coaching to that offered within their home club programme to support such athletes to achieve further in the sport
  • Long course training/coaching, primarily focused on technical development, kicking and aerobic capacity development, to accentuate that offered in the home club programme
  • An opportunity to train alongside like-minded athletes from a variety of clubs from across all of the nation’s Regions

Long course (50m pool) sessions are offered as part of the Trainability Coaching Programme as follows at the National Aquatics Centre in Dublin:

Thursday 0530 – 0730 LCM (Coach Mark Lappin)

Sunday 1600 – 1800 LCM (Coach Matt Coward)

Trainability Coaching Programme members receive:

  • An minimum availability of five long course pool sessions per month
  • An early bird sign-up access to Swim Ireland Technique/Skill Clinics
  • An offer to be part of a ‘Starts & Turns’ project (Sundays only)
  • A pre-pool based coaching session preparation programme designed by one of the Swim Ireland Performance Strength & Conditioning coaches
  • A pre-race preparation programme designed by one of the Swim Ireland Performance Strength & Conditioning coaches


Athletes shall pay the following coaching fees (regardless of when they may start with the Trainability Coaching Programme):

  • An Annual Registration Fee of €20.00 at the point of entry to the Squad and to be paid prior to commencing the coaching programme
  • A coaching fee of €300.00 per annum for the September 2019 – June 2020 period (with the programme closed in July and August 2020). Athletes to pay an interest-free monthly direct debit at €30.00 per month

To express an interest in joining this squad please contact Niamh. This should be done on or before Wednesday 31/07/2019. Registration information will then follow to those eligible to apply for a place on the squad.

Please note that expressing an interest does not guarantee a place on the Programme. Places are limited and should the number of expressions of interest exceed the number of places available, the coaches will consider all application and select the athletes who would benefit most from the programme. They will take into account previous attendance records as well as Irish Summer National/Division 2 2019 performances

The coaching fee shall cover all pool sessions and takes into account that the availability of pool sessions within a particular calendar month will fluctuate but never fall below that of five pool sessions per month - athletes/parents will be informed of the sessions for a particular month prior to the end of the previous month

‘In-Touch’ Coaching Programme at National Centre (Dublin)

The ‘In-Touch’ concept for part time National Centre (Dublin) athletes is positioned for those who have been selected to be a member of the National Squad Programme extant at the time of application. Such athletes can be considered to train as an integral part of the National Centre (Dublin) Performance or Performance Pathway Squad within the respective allocated squad coaching sessions

A range of pool-based sessions are offered each week at the National Aquatic Centre (see page 21) and sessions would be allocated to athletes based on the programme of sessions available that would be available to them if they were a full-time athlete within the National Centre (Dublin). To this end, ‘In-Touch’ athletes would be able to select from pool sessions from the Performance Squad allocation if they meet one of the Performance Squad Consideration Times or would be able to choose from sessions from the Performance Pathway Squad allocation if they meet one of these Performance Pathway Squad Consideration Times

Where places remain in the PE and/or the PP squad (where, in the National Centre Head Coach’s opinion, lane space is not fully allocated and athletes could be added without their inclusion being detrimental to the coaching space available to those athletes already selected via the squad criteria), additional athletes may be offered the opportunity to fill the remaining places in the squad if the National Centre Head Coach views that their inclusion in the programme will enhance the squad dynamic and that the athlete/s in question has/have the potential to achieve the squad criteria during the course of the season. Such positions would be reviewed by the National Centre Head Coach on or around 31/12/19 and 01/04/20 respectively

‘In-Touch’ opportunities fall into three main categories from the coaching times (available from Niamh):

  • One Session/One Day per week Coaching Programme

To be considered by athletes who reside within a drive time of the National Centre (Dublin) and who are light on the 8-9 pool-based coaching sessions that they require each week, and/or have limited or no access to long course coaching, and/or have some short duration pool sessions and/or have a weighting of weekly sessions at anti-social times within the week (e.g., 5-6 morning sessions and limited afternoon/evening sessions available). With pool sessions available at varied times each day Monday - Saturday, athletes and home programme coaches are able to discuss with the National Centre Head Coach how 'top-up' work can be accommodated on particular days and at particular times to complement and add value to the current home programme, whilst maintaining a physiological balance to the week

  • Friday-Saturday Coaching Programme

As with Category 1, athletes joining the Centre for Friday afternoon sessions and staying overnight to also take in the Saturday morning session before departing for home

  • School/University Vacation Coaching Programme

As with Category 2, but for a more consistent period of coaching time within a Centre whilst educational commitments are at a low and school/university classes are not taking place. This must be agreed with the National Centre Head Coach in advance and would be subject to the full-time athlete programme rather than the In Touch allocation of available sessions

National Centres are 'coaching and education hubs' for all identified athletes and coaches on an as-needs and individualised basis. Working alongside like-minded high performing individuals in the same or next lane is a highly valuable experience for athletes looking to reach their full potential. As such, home coaches are invited to be part of this journey with their athlete and are not required to but are encouraged to attend as many of the ‘In-Touch’ sessions as possible with their athletes


Athletes shall pay the following coaching fees:

  • A coaching fee of €20.00 per week (Monday - Saturday)
  • A coaching fee of €10.00 per Friday & Saturday
  • A coaching fee of €5.00 per pool session

All fees are to be paid to Swim Ireland by bank transfer on receipt of an invoice from Swim Ireland

For more information please contact

Niamh McDonnell

Niamh McDonnell

Performance Manager

+353 86 775 0775